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This report of the game by Melissa Dickinson:-

Wimborne played their first home game for this season in a friendly against Christchurch FC from the Wessex premier league in an entertaining match.
The game started rapidly as Luke Burbridge tested Max Frampton in the Christchurch goal in the first minute which he did well to push wide for a corner.
Toby Holmes then set up Jack Lovell, but his effort was deflected for another corner. Wimborne were enjoying the majority share of possession, but Christchurch were resolute in their defending and well organised. Despite this Wimborne were creating chances with Jorden Lee firing over and then Toby Homes first heading straight at the keeper and then heading a second opportunity wide when well placed. Christchurch despite playing some neat football were not creating many chances and the first half ended goalless.
Into the second half Wimborne again created opportunities but Max Frampton was enjoying a good game in the Christchurch goal with smart saves from James Stokoe and Toby Homes. The deadlock was finally broken in the 53rd minute when Luke Burbridge converted a cross from Toby Homes.
Both sides made numerous changes giving all squad members a run out and it was Wimborne's Rhys Owen who made it 2-0 when he cleverly curled a shot from the edge of the penalty area into the top corner. Wimborne's reserve goalkeeper Jake Poynter had also come on and he was soon called into action when he got down low to make a smart save.
Wimborne then scored two goals within two minutes when first Aiden Shepard added a third in the 87th minute and then Robinson Okumu added a fourth in the 89th minute when he neatly controlled the ball and fired in of the upright to give a slightly flattering score line.
Although there are going to be tougher games ahead this was a good workout for Wimborne with Christchurch providing stiff opposition and we wish them well in their first season back in the Wessex Premier league and thank them for the game.

To clarify your all-time fantasy XI: it can be from any players who have ever played and are still alive or passed away; limited to your favourite club eg AFCB; players you've seen in live action; themed eg names, initials, colours, names of animals, etc.
For the first real programme of the season, I'd like your 3-word hopes for the coming season. It can be a phrase, or just 3 separate words.
One of the features running throughout the season will be individual choices of an all-time fantasy XI, plus manager, stadium / ground, and kit colour.
If you can help, please pass on your thoughts at one of the games, or email me:
Thank you Luke - I have put this on the matches web page.
General Discussion / Re: Combined programme for the 3 home pre-season games
« Last post by CharlieH on July 21, 2018, 12:29:57 PM »
Now available for download for you
General Discussion / Re: League Fixtures are Out - We have Lift Off !
« Last post by Board of Directors on July 20, 2018, 04:56:13 PM »
This comes up as a question every year and the board every year confirms the same point that we request not to play at home at the same time as Poole - please give us some credit!

However we don?t set the fixtures the southern league do and so there will be some unavoidable clashes at times  but you?d need to take that up with the league not us!

General Discussion / Re: League Fixtures are Out - We have Lift Off !
« Last post by SouthCoastMaggie on July 20, 2018, 03:35:14 PM »
To be fair, the BOD didn?t even know if we were going to be in the league or not before. With the ridiculous short notice and conformation, I expect that they?ve had other priorities to sort out.
However, great point and would be something to raise if we are still in the same league next season.
General Discussion / Re: League Fixtures are Out - We have Lift Off !
« Last post by MinsterMann on July 20, 2018, 01:18:57 PM »
I believe in previous seasons we have asked for our home league fixtures to be on a different date than AFCB fixtures at home. I never quite understood that logic. In fact this was mooted at the last Fans Forum, but rather dismissed by the Board.

But surely, now we are in the same league as Poole Town, we should have requested that neither ourselves or Poole Town play on the same day at home. Our respective grounds are only 6.8 miles apart and I know many supporters of both teams do go and watch both. So it would make financial sense that we both don't have home games on the same day. But there are still 5 league fixture dates when this happens.

Contrast that with Weymouth and Dorchester. Their grounds are 7.2 miles apart but there are NO dates
during the coming season when they both play at home on the same day, in the league

It would be interesting to know why we didnt request this to happen. Or if we did then why have the league ignored us and given preference to Weymouth and Dorchester.
General Discussion / Re: League Fixtures are Out - We have Lift Off !
« Last post by DorsetDave on July 20, 2018, 12:34:16 PM »
Other Dates you may want to put in your Diary:-

Sat Oct 6 Weymouth {A} - or FA Cup
Sat Dec 8 Salisbury {A}
Wed Dec 26 Poole Town {A}
Sat Dec 29 Dorchester Town {A}
Tues Jan 1 Gosport Borough {H}
Sat Mar 2 Salisbury {H}
Sat Mar 16 Weymouth {H}
Mon Apr 22 Gosport Borough {A}
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