100 Club


The 100 Club raises valuable funds that help to maintain and improve Wimborne Town FC for the benefit of all. Currently, we're raising funds to help enhance the Public Address system. So, by joining the 100 Club, not only can you potentially win £100, £50 or £25 cash prizes every month, but you also know your money is helping the club.

The 100 Club is a Private Lottery and is open to all supporters and their family and friends. As a Private Lottery you have to be invited to join and when you do you will be allocated a number. Your tickets will not be transferable.

You have to be over 16 years old to join.

Currently, there is a monthly draw for a £100, £50 and £25 cash prizes. Once the number of members reaches 100, then the monthly prixe fund will increase to 50% of the income and the 3 cash prizes will become £175, £75 and £50.

Interested in joining? Please download the 100 Club Application Form here and hand it in completed to Denis Cadd behind the bar.


£100 Kelly & Neil Randall
£50 David Emes
£25 Denis Cadd

£100 Ken Fergus
£50 Brian McIntyre
£25 Martin Maybury

£100 Kate Wood
£50 Ken Stewart
£25 Lee Merrifield

£100 Steve Wood
£50 Bryan McCann
£25 Denis Cadd

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Club Partners

  • Alan & Thomas Insurance Group
  • Copyrite
  • 1st Waste Management
  • Criterion IT
  • J&Bs Ltd
  • Wimborne Fish & Chips